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Military grade Technology - Basics

Today’s military technology come with upgraded drones, quad copters, tech gadgets, encrypted laptops and systems, wide range of weapons, special equipment and tactics as well as vehicles designed exclusively for the purpose of combat. This require prior knowledge for constructing technologies and calculative measures for attack vectors on targeted enemies, for employing these technological aspects in warfare. These not only include high tech gadgets and weapons but also include skilled players and forces who are chosen and trained individually for different aspect right from cyber security for guarding their private communication to skilled measurement attacks who target the terrorists and other criminals and put them down. Some of them have GPS and VPS technologies incorporated while other have thermal detecting binoculars and digital sniping weapons all tuned up together to form a team of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) with aforementioned intelligence and cognitive thinking capability.

Modern warfare involves the availability and advancement of technologies in association with non-military applications. For making advance combat with the thrust in enemy systems and technologies used in aircrafts, land vehicles, ships and cargos, or even in manufacturing of explosives, bio-weapons and missiles, defence military need technological approach to defend them, dodge their attacks before they touch the deadline, and virtually execute the training and tests for measuring success rate. Now all these tests and trainings are done through virtual reality (VR).

Simulation of a virtual warfare mimicking all the essential elements required during warfare can be created where the advanced fighters are given physical, mental as well as technological training and tasks to achieve certain goals. They are given trainings regarding armless fight in a 3-dimensional model by creating augmented reality, they are trained to control their emotions and feelings by visualizing the replica of pain using mixed reality, and they are trained to execute drone mission and remote-controlled toy-tank to do the needful.

Now a day’s robots also play a major role in military and attacks. Military robots are pre-trained and well programmed autonomous robots run as remote-controlled gadgets and help in accomplishing secret missions, rescue missions and attacks. Some of them are pre-programmed to do specific task and actions, while others use self-intelligence to conduct a specific task assigned. Modern military and defences are more towards cyber warfare and digital surveillance. They keep track of individuals and their online activities to make sure that no one is in contact with terror attacks or any plans that is against the country. All these digital surveillances also require advanced technologies, and for this hackers are hired and trained by intelligence agencies in order to use zero day attacks and vulnerabilities to access different systems and services that are in the targeted lists of military.

Technology helps in various ways in enhancing the skills and capabilities of militaries and intelligent agencies and departments in accomplishing their plans. Their use of technology with intelligence and skills make these military strong and capable in tackling their smart enemies smartly.

Disclaimer: These topics are intended to give readers a preview of technology topics, under our scheme of ‘Free Basic Education’ and does not claim to be technically satisfactory. Readers reproducing a part of the text printed here are advised to do further detailed reading and understand the subject-matter. For any clarification email us at with proper subject line.

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