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Digital Twin Basics

Digital Twin is among the top trending strategic & disruptive technology as declared by Garter Inc. in the year 2017. Though this concept has been an initiative to transform the technology since 2002, but it didn't get the push until IoT (Internet of Things) have made it less costly to implement. So what does Digital Twin is all about? It is an evolving concept that represents the junction of corporeal with respect to the virtual world where each industrialized and trade manufactured goods will get a vibrant digital representation.

During the development life cycle of any product or project, from the very starting phase of information gathering, feasibility analysis and design to development and maintenance, each and every organizations and firms had to maintain a complete digital footprint of the product phase which might be a hectic task. Digital Twin can reduce the effort. In simple terms, the concept of digital twin is used for representing a virtual model of a process, project, product or services. This bridging of virtual world with physical entity (through digital twining) lets us analyze different data & monitoring systems to handle the problems before they get triggered hence avert the downtime as well as develop fresh opportunities & effective planning for advancement through simulations and digitalization.

Digital twins have become the imperative front end of business, covering the complete development cycle right from information gathering phase to deployment and help connect products and services with customer. So the question is how does a digital twin work?

We can consider “digital twin” as the viaduct flanked by the digital world and the physical world. These are smart gears which implements sensors for gathering data in real-time as real entities, data about anything’s working state, location that are incorporated with a physical item. Then these components get interlinked to cloud that stores all the data monitored by the sensors and its associated units. These data are then analysed for efficient business purpose.

Importance and benefits of digital twin technology –

Digital twins are influential and high potential technology that helps in driving innovation with performance. The technology “Digital twins” are implemented in manufacturing, transportation, energy, production of technical and non-technical items as well as in construction. This technology can support build huge, intricate items like trains, aircraft and their engines & turbines, which can be virtually designed, tested and iterated for modification digitally prior to physical creation. This technology will help a wide variety of companies in improving consumer experience just by healthier understanding of different customer needs and their situations.

Disclaimer: These topics are intended to give readers a preview of technology topics, under our scheme of ‘Free Basic Education’ and does not claim to be technically satisfactory. Readers reproducing a part of the text printed here are advised to do further detailed reading and understand the subject-matter. For any clarification email us at with proper subject line.

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